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Dash Water

Archie Norman
Archie Norman
Discover the bespoke Shopify store template we built for DASH Water, alongside a propriety data pipeline created just for them.

DASH Water is the distinguished British brand that is revolutionising the beverage industry with its dedication to environmental sustainability and premium taste. With a focus on natural flavours and a commitment to reducing waste, DASH Water has successfully established itself as a leader in the market for eco-conscious and delicious hydration. In this case study, we invite you to delve into the impressive journey of this exceptional brand as we uncover the key factors contributing to its remarkable growth and impact within the realm of sophisticated, sustainable beverages.

Case Study:

Building a Custom Shopify-based Ecommerce Site with Proprietary Data Pipeline and Cutting-edge Data Analysis for DASH Water


DASH Water, a company that produces still and sparkling water with natural flavourings.


DASH Water needed a tailor-made ecommerce solution that could provide a unique user experience for their customers while ensuring optimal performance. They also needed an efficient data pipeline to process and manage large amounts of data, along with cutting-edge data analysis capabilities to personalise the customer experience.


As an ecommerce agency, we analysed DASH Water's requirements and designed a Shopify-based solution that was both fast and lightweight. We also created a proprietary data pipeline that enabled DASH Water to process and manage their data efficiently. To enhance the customer experience, we leveraged cutting-edge data analysis techniques to build data science models that enabled DASH Water to provide personalised discount codes on a per customer basis. Additionally, we provided user experience guidance and set up an e-commerce analytics infrastructure to provide DASH Water with insights into customer behaviour and preferences.


Our solution enabled DASH Water to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing a unique and personalised shopping experience. They were also able to effectively leverage their data assets to make informed decisions about their business, enhancing their competitiveness in the market.

By delivering a custom Shopify-based ecommerce site with a proprietary data pipeline and cutting-edge data analysis capabilities, we successfully addressed DASH Water's challenges and helped them achieve their business objectives. Our solution enabled them to remain competitive in their market while enhancing their customer experience and loyalty.