Jan 30, 2023


Archie Norman

Archie Norman

The HVM Catapult is driving economic growth in the UK by facilitating the exchange of cutting-edge research from the nation's world-leading universities to the commercial market.

As an independent not-for-profit research organisation, backed by Innovate UK, the High Value Manufacturing Catapult (HMVC) and Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) provide critical support for driving innovation in British manufacturing through collaborative partnerships and access to cutting-edge facilities and expertise.

The project is funded by Innovate UK. By combining Mercury Labs' expertise in AI and machine learning with HVMC and MTC's leadership in manufacturing innovation, we pushed boundaries to create an AI solution that defines the workforce needs of tomorrow.


  • Increased successful match rate from 40% to above 80%
  • Demonstrated how AI can identify optimal blends of skills based on a engineering project’s needs
  • Created a new pipeline to identify the required capabilities for new manufacturing roles.
  • The project has been taken through the PoC and MVP phase and on track for the production ready development phase.
  • Objectives

  • Emerging manufacturing technologies are driving the creation of new job roles requiring combinations of skills outside of traditional jobs specifications.
  • Generate AI-powered job profiles to better match advancing manufacturing and engineering technologies.
  • Compare future occupations to existing job roles, calculating fit and surplus factors for all possible combinations.
  • Our Approach

  • Develop a machine learning system to analyse skills gaps across manufacturing domains.
  • Identify capabilities from various job roles that could be combined into new hybrid positions.
  • Enable hiring workers with a precise blend of expertise tailored to each project.
  • To create recommendations for optimal employee training to fulfil a given project, such as building an off-shore wind farm.
  • Leverage low code tools where possible to facilitate the machine learning process.
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