Jan 30, 2023

Metals Daily

Archie Norman

Archie Norman

Metals Daily brings together the latest global metal markets news, data and analysis, in a single platform. Mercury Labs worked specifically on a commodities trading algorithm.

Metals Daily is a leader in precious metals research and pricing, providing real-time data, news, and thorough analysis. They recognised AI's potential to transform the commodities market and partnered with Mercury Labs. Their goal was to develop a predictive model skilled at identifying price movements in stable commodities. This successful project demonstrated both the power of advanced analytics and the potential of AI in managing dynamic markets.


  • Crafting a cutting-edge commodities trading algorithm that capitalises on quantitative strategies for low volatility commodities markets.
  • Sourcing and preprocessing historical data for modelling purposes.
  • Design an algorithm that's not only predictive but also adaptive, adjusting its strategies based on real-time market changes.
  • Incorporating technical indicators to generate actionable trading signals.
  • Our Approach:

  • Explored strategies such as Moving Average Convergence/Divergence, Bollinger Bands, Stop-and-Reverse, and Hilbert-Trendline Moving Averages.
  • Conceived a Trading Strategy Picker, meticulously analysing strategies against historical data to pinpoint the optimal blend of indicators that maximise returns while minimising risks.
  • Rolled out a Sliding Window Player, simulating real-time trading using the chosen strategy over a designated testing period.
  • Improved the Trading Strategy Selector, adding regular review features to keep it responsive to market changes.
  • Outcomes:

  • 57.68% win rate exceeding buy-and-hold benchmarks.
  • Launched a strong backtesting framework, enabling Metals Daily to make well-informed trading choices.
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