Jan 30, 2023

Primary Bid

Archie Norman

Archie Norman

We deployed a fully operational data pipeline for Primary Bid, a company dedicated to ensuring that public markets are open, inclusive, transparent, and fair for all investors.

PrimaryBid is transforming public market investing in the UK. Their innovative digital platform provides individual investors with fair access to IPOs, follow-ons allowing them to easily access and invest in IPOs, Follow-ons, Investment trusts, bonds, and SPACs, that were previously reserved for institutions. By opening up public markets, they aim to make share dealing more inclusive, transparent and efficient for all. We welcomed the complexity of this challenge, and believed in the profound impact Primary Bid could achieve by levelling the playing field for retail investors.

The Problem

  • Build and deploy a fully fledged, flexible data infrastructure to capture near realtime analytics of platform events when users buy shares in the IPO.
  • To collect events from both mobile and web applications and normalise the data.
  • Develop marketing analytics to improve client services.
  • To be able to heavy load, high volume of data.
  • Our Approach

  • Build and deploy data pipelines in AWS, utilising Kinesis and Snowplow.
  • Deploy clients to existing mobile and web applications for capturing events.
  • Anonymise Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
  • Develop custom Grafana components for handling real-time data visualisations.
  • Outcome

  • Deliver a visual dashboard to the client to show analytics including live funnel progression, total USD value generated, transaction statistics, payment errors, referrer attribution and sessions by location.
  • Our data infrastructure proved to be highly effective, as it successfully supported approximately 1 million users in a single day. This was a challenging feat, considering the heavy load and high volume of data that needed to be collected from both mobile and web applications.
  • The visual dashboard we delivered provided PrimaryBid with real-time analytics, including live funnel progression, payment errors, referrer attribution, and sessions by location.
  • Produced marketing analytics to improve client services.
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