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What is Linear?

Archie Norman
Archie Norman
Linear is a cloud-based project management tool designed for software development teams offering intuitive features for streamlined collaboration.

Linear ( is a project management tool that helps teams organise and track their work. It was designed to be a lightweight and efficient alternative to other project management tools on the market, with a focus on simplicity and ease of use.

At its core, Linear is a Kanban board that allows you to create a visual representation of your project and track its progress. You can create columns for different stages of your project, such as "To Do", "In Progress", and "Done", and move cards representing tasks or issues from one column to another as they are completed. This helps you see at a glance what work has been done and what still needs to be done, and can be a useful tool for keeping your team organised and on track.

Linear also includes a range of features to help you manage your project more effectively. For example, you can add labels to your cards to help you categorise and filter tasks, and you can also add comments, attachments, and due dates to help you stay organised and on top of your work.

In addition to its Kanban board and project management features, Linear also includes a range of collaboration tools to help you work with your team more effectively. You can use the chat feature to discuss tasks and issues with your team members, and you can also use the built-in integration with tools like GitHub to track code changes and collaborate on code development.

Linear is an obviously powerful and flexible tool that can help teams of all sizes and industries manage their projects more effectively and efficiently. Whether you're working on a small personal project or a large, complex enterprise project, Linear can help you stay organised and on track to meet your goals. It is a must-try for any company wanting to experiment with or improve their in-house organisation.