We are a London based,
product focused team,
with a bespoke approach to software and
artificial intelligence.

Data Science and Machine Learning

Our technical team is able to partner with you to deliver computer vision, natural language processing and optimisation solutions with predictable costs and significantly reduced risk.

Enterprise Software

We provide end-to-end services covering the entire technology stack. We start with the strategy and work with you to identify the key deliverables of your vision all the way through to execution.

Minimum Viable Products (MVPs)

Launch fast, iterate with ease and and grow with conviction. We have the skills and experience to rapidly protopye your product.

Data Support and Maintenance

Machine Learning model in production already? Mitigate risk by working with us to ensure your system remains running smoothly.


Our Engineering team have specialised in Shopify bespoke store and app development, we are experienced in launching e-commerce brands across drinks, food, homeware, floristry and healthcare businesses to name a few.


Currently in stealth mode... its a secret for now, but we cant wait to share these soon.

Our clients are forward-thinking
companies who want modern
solutions to their business challenges.



At Mercury Labs, we build intelligent tools for investors to help develop sustainable strategies. Our products gather data from multiple internal and external sources to help make confident decisions and providing clarity while evaluating assets. With our data analytics and machine learning expertise, our solutions are designed to provide transparent risk and opportunity assessments for corporate ESG performance.



We help Healthcare and life science organisations to build end-to-end products for better patient and care provider outcomes. Our solutions help the NHS hospitals and trusts to develop a preventive and patient-centric approach that leads to better operational efficiency, shorter length of stay, lower readmission and mortality rates.


Retail Finance

We build digital solutions to improve business resilience. With data analytics, we bring a competitive advantage to Retail Finance organisations. Our tailored services offer safer financial products, provide a seamless customer experience that leads to higher retention rates, and drive profitability.



We help E-Commerce Retailers to gain lean operational efficiency, higher profitability margins, and better customer loyalty with data analytics. Our products help our clients with adjusting operations to customer demands and delivering personalised experiences to build a holistic view of customer needs.


Engineering and Manufacturing

We use big data analytics to help manufacturers capitalise on data. With machine learning algorithms and tailored end-to-end products, we help our clients predict bottlenecks and machinery maintenance. Our services help building leaner production cycles, optimised supply chain processes and sales forecasting for our clients.



We use advanced analytics to help the Infrastructure sector with better capital allocation and create higher visibility of asset performance. With a data-driven approach, our solutions monitor current asset productivity and allow greater transparency into decision-making processes and risk mitigation.

How Partnerships Typically Work


Understand the problem
(1 day)



Test the concept
(4 weeks)



Build the solution
(3-6 months)


Iterate and Grow

Support, Iterate and Maintain



Enginuity is a not-for-profit organisation supporting employers, training providers and individuals in UK Engineering by developing skills for the future.


Augmentive is the state-of-the-art platform powering a health and wellbeing revolution. By providing individuals with access to high-quality, tailored support whenever and wherever they need it, we are enabling people across the globe to be happier, healthier and to fulfil their potential.


Xmedical is an accredited seller of Covid-19 tests in the UK, and partnered with the award winning Corona Test Centre, delivering a different medical experience for patients, doctors and medical teams.


The HVM Catapult works with thousands of companies to boost the UK’s manufacturing performance by moving cutting-edge research from the UK’s world-leading universities into the commercial market.

Primary Bid

Primary Bid connects companies to their investors, making sure public markets are inclusive, transparent and fair, where people can invest in IPOs, Follow-ons, Investment trusts, bonds and SPACs.

Dash Water

Dash Water produces infused sparkling water that is sourced from British isles with simple, ethical ingredients. They also help to recude food waste by infusing them with real, wonky fruit.

The Saasy People

The Saasy People is a 100% UK based customer support organisation which partners with growing businesses that want to ensure they continue to provide a consistently high level of support for existing customers whilst they continue to attract new customers.

Gentlemans Journal

Gentleman's Journal is an online lifestyle magazine who recognised the un-captured potential of e-commerce for their business. We built an external Shopify store that integrates seamlessly with their main site, delivering a hugely successful business model.

Metals Daily

Bringing together the latest global metal markets news, data and analysis, Metails Daily is the largest and fastest source of precious metals research and prices.

Corona Test Centre

CTC is a leading government recognised provider of COVID-19 testing. Our team built their bespoke system for testing and results.


Forestreet provides unrivalled market intelligence for competitive intelligence, M&A target list and technology advisory.

Quba Drinks

Inspired by the Caribbean Islands and born in the UK, Quba provides the perfect companion to the emerging craft rums and provides healthy, fresh and delicious mixers.

Lucy Vail Floristry

Lucy Vail Floristry is an award-winning British florist bringing the best of the season through delivering seasonal luxury bouquets, specialising in weddings, events, installations.

Wild By Tart

Wild by Tart is a neighbourhood restaurant in Belgravia, London housed in a former power station and coal store, combining a restaurant, bar, coffee kiosk, retail store, events space, and photography studio.


Balu London is a luxury homeware brand, here to take the stress out of hosting. They deliver ease and style at an affordable price, to help you dress your home with as much care and personality as you’d dress yourself.

Mercury Labs is your
hands-on technology partner
designing bespoke solutions to the world’s
most challenging business problems.


Drawing on software, machine learning, automation and data science, we work closely with you to minimise waste and maximise results.


Our self-learning tools and advanced analytics go beyond problem solving to help you actively improve your decision-making and future-proof your organisation.


Whether you want to unlock efficiency, move beyond legacy systems or capture market share, Mercury Labs is the invisible engine behind your business growth.


Jake Cunningham

An AI-Commerce Data Scientist. With an Undergraduate in Engineering from Oxford University and Masters in Computer Science (Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence) from Imperial College, Jake is driving our data driven approach to helping our clients serve their customers.


Archie Norman

CEO with a background in Computer Science from Newcastle University and Masters in Computer Science (specialising in the Web and Machine Learning) from UCL.


Mungo Blyth

A Technical Project Manager here at Mercury Labs / AI-Commerce. Mungo has a background in Computer Science from Newcastle University, where he specialised in route optimisation in Virtual Reality.


Ed Elmhirst

Ed is currently undertaking an internship here at AI-Commerce while studying Economics at Bristol University, diving into some data mining, pre-processing techniques and requirements engineering.


Esther Groenestein

An expert Requirements Engineer and Product Owner. Having worked with large corporates (BNP, ING, Vodafone, Capgemini and Microsoft), Esther has an excellent eye for detail and plays a critical role in each projects success.


Maksym Trofimenko

A Senior Go Developer, having built and deployed Venture Capital backed software for AI-Commerce, Maksym's experience, engineering talent and DevOps experience is a wonderful addition to the team.


Samuel Oakes

A hugely talented Designer with a special focus on Branding and User Interfaces. Having worked with AI-Commerce over the past 18 months, Sam has delivered phenomenal products for each of our clients.


Giuseppe Guerra

A passionate Full Stack Web Developer with years of experience building beautiful and fast web applications. Having studied Computer Science at the University of Pisa, Giuseppe mostly works with Python for Data.


Morgan Bazalgette

Talented Full Stack Developer with years of experience creating highly-performant and scalable web apps and services. An expert in Go and JavaScript, as well as the Linux ecosystem as a whole. In his free time a music and history nerd.


Ridwanul Jauad SwadhIn

A Senior Frontend Engineer with a background in Computer Science and Software Engineering. Ridwanul is builds pixel perfect user interfaces, clean, well structured code, and an excellent advisor in best


Giovanni Perri

Giovanni has a background in Marketing and Statistics from Università degli Studi di Parma and plays a key role in Web & App Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Marketing Automation and Traction Testing (Paid Acquisition).


William Vail

A recent Political Science and History graduate of McGill University, William is interning with us, learning data analysis and taking on a crucial role within the ecommerce sales side.

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