Scale your AI

Our AI solutions go beyond proof of concepts to deliver scaled, production-ready systems tailored to drive measurable ROI. With our expertise in building for the real world, we rapidly deploy reliable AI that integrates seamlessly, delivering the operational efficiencies and bottom line returns you expect.

What you come away with

Enterprise-Grade Performance

Our team handles all aspects of optimization, scalability, availability, and efficiency needed for real-world enterprise AI deployments.

Comprehensive Capabilities

We build in the complete range of machine learning, NLP, computer vision, data engineering, APIs, interfaces, security, and other features vital for full production.

Ongoing Maintenance & Support

Our managed services provide continuous model improvement, feature enhancement, issue resolution, and technology upgrades to keep your AI solution humming.

Reduced Time-to-Value

With our proven end-to-end framework, we accelerate the journey from prototype to production-ready AI. Our experience avoids pitfalls that can prolong AI projects.



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What are the benefits of partnering with Mercury Labs

Results Orientation

Our team is focused on maximising real-world business impact, not just technical elegance.

Deep AI Expertise

Our multidisciplinary team has the AI and ML engineering talent needed to build and optimise complex enterprise-scale systems.

Full Technology Stack

Our full-stack engineering capabilities cover everything from data infrastructure to front-end UX.


It can be more cost-effective, especially if you don’t have an in-house AI team.

Focus on Ethics

We prioritise fairness, interpretability, and transparency to ensure your AI is socially responsible.

Project Perspective

We can provide an objective perspective on the project.

Case Study


Augmentive is a state-of-the-art platform removing the practical and emotional friction driving the mental health crisis, by combining human intelligence, artificial intelligence and automation. The technology we developed has facilitated over £1,000,000 of support through the platform and the company has subsequently raised over £1,400,000 in venture capital funding.

Project Insights

Built an enterprise-grade mental health platform to remove barriers and connect clients with practitioners.

Constructed a high-performance Golang backend with gRPC for low-latency, utilising Docker and Kubernetes.

Designed a fast Nuxt.js frontend and integrated Algolia search for real-time results.

CD pipeline and scalable infrastructure on AWS to enable growth.

Continuously improve UX through tracking analytics and machine learning optimisation.

Business Insights

Enabled exponential revenue growth through robust and scalable architecture.

Consolidated Mercury's ability to develop and maintain complex SaaS platforms end-to-end.

Unlocked ability for startups to rapidly mature capabilities with enterprise-level support.

Established Augmentive and Mercury Labs as an innovative leader in building HIPAA-compliant healthcare products.

Reduced time-to-market for clients by providing full-stack development capabilities.

Provided pathway to scale globally by handling the browsing, booking, video call and chat functionalities seamlessly.

Proven success in our process by building this platform from PoC, to MVP to a full platform build.

Recent Work

Corona Test Centre

As a leading provider of Covid-19 tests, Corona Test Centre offers a comprehensive range of services and we build a bespoke system to manage the booking process, ensuring patients received speedy resu...


Forestreet provides unrivalled market intelligence for competitive intelligence, M&A target list and technology advisory with a custom algorithm built by Mercury Labs.

Gentlemans Journal

The Gentleman's journal is an online lifestyle magazine, complete with deals and member exclusives, this is the place to go for anyone needing a dose of inspiration, with a custom shopify build.

Metals Daily

Metals Daily brings together the latest global metal markets news, data and analysis, in a single platform. Mercury Labs worked specifically on a commodities trading algorithm.

Primary Bid

We deployed a fully operational data pipeline for Primary Bid, a company dedicated to ensuring that public markets are open, inclusive, transparent, and fair for all investors.

Dash Water

Discover the bespoke Shopify store template we built for DASH Water, alongside a propriety data pipeline created just for them.


The HVM Catapult is driving economic growth in the UK by facilitating the exchange of cutting-edge research from the nation's world-leading universities to the commercial market.


The Xmedical team brings with them an altogether different way of looking at healthcare services, drawing on decades of experience in healthcare and across other industries. The team believes that a c...


We worked with Enginuity to develop AI models for creating and updating standards in the manufacturing sector. Enginuity is dedicated to supporting employers, training providers and individuals in the...


Augmentive is a state-of-the-art platform removing the practical and emotional friction driving the mental health crisis, by combining human intelligence, artificial intelligence and automation. The t...

Bobin AI

BOB AI changes how SME’s manage their finances. Review profit & loss and balance sheet, track and categorise revenue and costs, add metrics to investor updates all through generative AI.

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