London-based agency of AI engineers solving business problems using AI. We build prototypes, minimum viable products and production ready machine learning and data science solutions.

Case Study


We worked with Enginuity to develop AI models for creating and updating standards in the manufacturing sector. Enginuity is dedicated to supporting employers, training providers and individuals in the UK Engineering sector.

London-based AI Development


Embrace the future of retail with our AI solutions designed for brick-and-mortar stores, e-commerce platforms, and catalogues. Deliver exceptional customer experiences by managing inventory effectively, understanding consumer preferences, and offering seamless shopping experiences.


Elevate your e-commerce experience with cutting-edge AI applications, tailor-made to optimise every facet of your business. From bespoke shopping experiences and round-the-clock AI-powered chatbots to clever inventory management and advanced fraud protection, our solutions seamlessly integrate to drive customer satisfaction, increase conversion rates, and maximise profits. Stay ahead of the competition and revolutionise your online shop with the power of AI, providing a smarter, more efficient, and secure shopping environment for your customers.


Discover the transformative power of AI applications in healthcare, reshaping diagnostics, treatment, and accessibility for improved patient outcomes. Leverage AI-driven personalized medicine, telemedicine, and clinical decision support to deliver optimal care tailored to each unique individual. Stay ahead of public health threats, streamline healthcare processes, and expand mental healthcare access, harnessing the potential of AI to revolutionise the healthcare landscape.


Experience the transformative power of AI in manufacturing, unlocking unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in every aspect of your operation. Revolutionise your supply chain management with intelligent forecasting, streamline predictive maintenance to minimise downtime, and enhance workforce planning through skills forecasting. Embrace the future of manufacturing and gain a competitive edge by harnessing the cutting-edge benefits of AI, optimising performance and driving growth across your entire organisation.

Public Relations

AI can significantly benefit PR companies by offering data-driven insights, improving media monitoring, and enhancing content creation. By leveraging AI technologies, PR companies can better understand their target audiences, stay ahead of industry trends, and develop more engaging and relevant content, resulting in a more efficient and impactful PR strategy.

GPT Integrations

Build a moat around your products or services by leveraging your propriety data. Experience seamless content creation, generating captivating, high-quality copy in an instant, and transform customer interactions with natural language chatbots that provide personalised, round-the-clock support. Master the art of question and answering with AI's unparalleled understanding, enhancing your knowledge base and delivering accurate, timely responses to keep your audience informed and engaged.


We partner with businesses to unlock the power of AI. We will work with you to investigate and implement tailored AI solutions for your business.

Digital Marketing

AI has the potential to transform marketing companies by offering data-driven insights, enhancing customer engagement, and streamlining marketing operations. By leveraging AI technologies, marketing companies can better understand their target audience, create more personalised and relevant campaigns, and optimise marketing strategies to achieve higher conversion rates and ROI.


Discover the benefits of AI in the finance sector, empowering your organisation to excel in an increasingly competitive landscape. Revolutionise fraud detection with sophisticated pattern recognition, enhance customer segmentation for targeted marketing efforts, and elevate your market analysis to make more informed decisions. Harness the power of AI to drive innovation, optimise efficiency, and unlock the full potential of your financial services, setting the stage for success and growth.

Recent Work

Corona Test Centre

As a leading provider of Covid-19 tests, Corona Test Centre offers a comprehensive range of services and we build a bespoke system to manage the booking process, ensuring patients received speedy resu...


Nordic Snug’s products are crafted from high-quality materials, with inspiration from Scandinavian design - perfect for those seeking a touch of hygge in their homes.

Lucy Vail Floristry

We built a custom shopify template and data science models for this luxury floral design studio, which specialises in sustainable approaches to events, transforming any space into a botanical wonderla...


Balu London is a luxury homeware brand, taking the stress out of hosting with an exquisite range of products and helping you to make your house feel like a home.

Wild By Tart

Boasting a multipurpose space, Wild by Tart combines a restaurant, bar, coffee kiosk, retail store, events space, and photography studio, offering an immersive shopping experience for customers.

Quba Drinks

Inspired by classic flavours, Drink Quba is the perfect companion for your favourite rum. Another custom shopify build for this client.


Forestreet provides unrivalled market intelligence for competitive intelligence, M&A target list and technology advisory with a custom algorithm built by Mercury Labs.

Gentlemans Journal

The Gentleman's journal is an online lifestyle magazine, complete with deals and member exclusives, this is the place to go for anyone needing a dose of inspiration, with a custom shopify build.

The Saasy People

The SaaSy People partner with growing businesses that are looking to ensure their customer service remains at a consistently high level, and are a valuable asset to any business in competitive markets

Metals Daily

Metals Daily brings together the latest global metal markets news, data and analysis, in a single platform. Mercury Labs worked specifically on a commodities trading algorithm.

Primary Bid

We deployed a fully operational data pipeline for Primary Bid, a company dedicated to ensuring that public markets are open, inclusive, transparent, and fair for all investors.

Dash Water

Discover the bespoke Shopify store template we built for DASH Water, alongside a propriety data pipeline created just for them.


The HVM Catapult is driving economic growth in the UK by facilitating the exchange of cutting-edge research from the nation's world-leading universities to the commercial market.


The Xmedical team brings with them an altogether different way of looking at healthcare services, drawing on decades of experience in healthcare and across other industries. The team believes that a c...


We worked with Enginuity to develop AI models for creating and updating standards in the manufacturing sector. Enginuity is dedicated to supporting employers, training providers and individuals in the...


Augmentive is a state-of-the-art platform removing the practical and emotional friction driving the mental health crisis, by combining human intelligence, artificial intelligence and automation. The t...

Bobin AI

BOB AI changes how SME’s manage their finances. Review profit & loss and balance sheet, track and categorise revenue and costs, add metrics to investor updates all through generative AI.

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