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Archie Norman
Archie Norman
Augmentive is a state-of-the-art platform removing the practical and emotional friction driving the mental health crisis, by combining human intelligence, artificial intelligence and automation.

Augmentive is a state-of-the-art platform that removes both the practical and emotional friction driving a widespread mental health crisis which has been building over the last few years. Through the platform, practitioners are able to manage their entire practice digitally. New clients can connect directly with them with just a few clicks. By combining human intelligence, artificial intelligence and automation Augmentive is able help people access the most relevant support with minimum effort.

Mercury Labs built and actively maintains Augmentive's technology stack from the ground up. The backend is written in Go and leverages gRPC for client and server communication. We chose gRPC for its low-latency and high-speed throughput, providing users with a fantastic user experience. We also loved that protocol buffers were language agnostic, allowing our data team to work with the server side directly (where necessary). Our frontend is built with Nuxt.js alongside an internal administration/analytics application. The entire infrastructure runs on a Kubernetes cluster inside AWS, with RDS for data storage and CI/CD configured from the outset.

Value Added

  • Continuously developing the product from inception through Venture Capital funding rounds.
  • High performance, low latency, scalable platform for mental health professionals to conduct their business. Golang, gPRC, Nuxt, Docker and Kubernetes were chosen for the core stack.
  • Tracking technology and data driven insights to continuously improve product offering.
  • Marketing analytics and sub-second machine learning powered search to support conversion rate optimisation.

NB: we do not claim to be the sole contributing factor to growth over the last 3 months.

The Deliverable

Platform Features

  • Booking system: organisation out of the box.
  • Payments: accept and make payments globally in a variety of methods and currencies.
  • Messaging: fast, safe and concise communication.
  • Search: powerful realtime search, built with Algolia.
  • Video rooms: capability for people to access support during lockdowns.
  • Corporate credit: let employers support their teams wellbeing with discounted sessions.
  • Notifications: machine learning based in-app and email driven comms.
  • Data: scalable data collection, pipelines and warehousing.
  • Secure: GDPR compliant.

Please note, the images are a product shot of the analytics platform as we are under tight contractual agreements with the client and cannot share their data.