Jan 30, 2023


Archie Norman

Archie Norman

Augmentive is a state-of-the-art platform removing the practical and emotional friction driving the mental health crisis, by combining human intelligence, artificial intelligence and automation. The technology we developed has facilitated over £1,500,000 of support through the platform and the company has subsequently raised over £1,400,000 in venture capital funding.

Augmentive is at the forefront in tackling the mental health crisis, skilfully combining human knowledge with advanced technology. Their goal is straightforward: to make high-quality, personalised mental healthcare accessible for all. We at Mercury Labs had the distinct chance to collaborate with them. Together, we've developed a platform that's not only technologically superior but also meaningfully contributes to mental health support.


  • Implement a system that effectively matches patients with the right practitioners.
  • Conduct a comprehensive technical feasibility study centred on AI-driven funding.
  • Collaborate to identify the key factors for successful bookings.
  • Maintain user privacy and ensure complete regulatory compliance.
  • Our Approach:

  • Developed a comprehensive web application for the digital requirements of mental health professionals.
  • Established a robust data infrastructure, primed for machine learning applications.
  • Streamlined the appointment booking process to enhance user experience.
  • Integrated multi-currency transaction capabilities for a global audience.
  • Introduced a secure and efficient in-app messaging system.
  • Incorporated Algolia for instantaneous search functionality.
  • Outcomes:

  • £1.4 million in venture capital funding during our two-year collaboration.
  • Facilitated over 15,000 hours of mental health support
  • Facilitated over £1,500,000 in transactions through the platform.
  • Delivered a scalable platform built on a robust tech stack, including Golang, gRPC, Nuxt, Docker, and Kubernetes.
  • 236.3% uptick in platform-based payments within a three-month span, largely thanks to our marketing analytics and rapid machine learning-driven search.
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