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Quba Drinks

Archie Norman
Archie Norman
Inspired by classic flavours, Drink Quba is the perfect companion for your favourite rum. Another custom shopify build for this client.

Inspired by the Caribbean Islands and born in the UK, Quba is the perfect accompaniment to the fast-growing craft rums scene. With its healthy, fresh and delicious mixers, it's the ideal way to enjoy the flavours of the islands. Whether you're looking for something to mix with your favourite rum, or just to enjoy on its own, Quba has something to suit every taste. Enjoy the unique tastes of the Caribbean, wherever you are in the world.

Our role

We built a fast and lightweight bespoke Shopify store template, as well as a proproety data pipeline and warehousing solution. We are currently in the process of building data science models, enabling Drink Quba to provide personalised discount codes on a per customer basis. During the process we also provided user experience guidance, set up an e-commerce analytics infrastructure, and continue to offer technical support and maintenance.